Parental Responsibility - This means the rights and responsibilities that mothers and married fathers have to their children. Non-married fathers can acquire Parental Responsibility through marriage to the child's mother, by entering into a Parental Responsibility agreement with the child’s mother, by being named as the father on the child's birth certificate after 1st December 2003 or by applying to the court for a Parental Responsibility Order.

Pension Sharing - The division of a pension fund between two spouses.

Periodical payments - Another term for maintenance which can be paid weekly, monthly or annually.

Petition - This is the document requesting a divorce or a Judicial Separation.

Petitioner - The person who starts the divorce proceedings by filing a divorce petition at court.

Prayer - The part of the Petition or Answer which asks the court to make orders in favour of the Petitioner or Respondent.

Premarital Agreement - A Premarital Agreement (also referred to as a Prenuptial Agreement) is a formal written agreement entered into by a couple before marriage. Its purpose is to record the parties' intentions as to the division of assets in the event that the marriage breaks down. The courts are not obliged to enforce such agreements although they now seem to be moving towards acceptance of them.

Prohibited steps order - This is a court order used to prohibit something being done to a child, for example removing a child out of the country.

Proof of Identification - it is a Law Society requirement that you supply us with copies of two of the following documents:
A valid UK or European Community passport or:
A full UK or EC driving licence.
Proof of address that is no more than 3 months old (this can include a utility bill, Council Tax demand (in your name) or a bank/credit card statement).

Property adjustment order - An order that a spouse should transfer a property to the other.

Relevant child - A child of the marriage under 16 at the time of the decree nisi or between 16 and 18 if in full-time education or training for a trade. A disabled and dependant child of any age is considered.

Request for directions - An application to the court for a Decree Nisi.

Residence order - A court order which determines where a child or children will live.

Respondent - The spouse who receives and responds to the petition for divorce or Judicial Separation.