How we do it

Any relationship breakdown is personal and sensitive.  No single approach is right for everyone.  We take time to listen carefully to your concerns and we will provide you with a first-class personal service suited to your needs.

We will discuss which of these options are best suited to you.

Collaborative Law
Collaborative Law is a welcome alternative to the destructive and uncomfortable aspects of a conventional divorce or separation.  Your case remains private and is resolved without going to court. 

You and your partner each appoint your own lawyer but instead of conducting negotiations by letter or telephone, you meet together to work things out face to face.   Your lawyer will be by your side throughout the entire process and legal advice will be given on the spot.

Voluntary negotiation
Where possible we negotiate with your partner to reach an agreement, again without the need to attend court.  At Inspire we will handle your case sensitively, efficiently and with focus to achieve the best outcome for you. 

We know this can be a very difficult and emotional time.  We take great care to communicate constructively with your partner and avoid unnecessary antagonism.

You and your partner may choose to meet with one of our mediators to work things out together. Our mediators will assist you with the areas of disagreement and help you reach a solution.

Mediation can cover any issue arising from a separation. Common topics for discussion are financial aspects, the legal and practical mechanics of a separation and working out the best arrangements for your children.

Whilst mediators are neutral and cannot provide you with advice, our mediators are also expert family lawyers and are therefore able to give extensive legal information to compliment the choices available to you.

If you and your partner are already attending mediation elsewhere, our family lawyers can assist you with the mediation process, advising you on any proposed solution and ensuring that wherever possible any solution is incorporated into a binding agreement.

You or your partner may take your case to court. 

We understand that attending court can be very daunting for our clients.  We will support and guide you throughout this process and we will do everything possible to achieve the right result for you.

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