What we do

We can provide you with specialist advice on all areas of relationship breakdown. You and your partner may be seeking general advice at the early stages of separation or things may have become hostile and you are looking for a way forward.

Our mediation service offers the opportunity to discuss issues surrounding your separation directly with your partner, in a calm and controlled manner. This can help you to find immediate and long term solutions that benefit the whole family.

We can help you with the following:-

Relationship Breakdown
If your relationship has broken down, we can help you obtain a divorce or dissolve your civil partnership. Alternatively you may need assistance with a formal separation agreement.

Money & Property
There are legal guidelines governing how money and property should be divided between separating couples.  The rules differ significantly depending on whether you are married, unmarried or in a civil partnership and whether you have children.

The rules themselves are complex.  We will provide you with advice tailored to your circumstances.  We can address burning questions such as: Where will I live? What will happen to my pension? Will I have to support my ex-partner?

You may need to resolve arrangements for your children on separation. Disagreements can arise several years later.  We can help you with issues such as where your children will live and when they will see each parent. 

Children disputes are not limited to mother and father.  We can also advise you if you are a step-parent, grandparent or seeking to adopt.

Pre & Post-Nuptial Agreements
Any dispute arising from a relationship breakdown can be emotionally draining, costly and unpredictable.  Although this may sound unromantic, forward planning will provide structure, particularly in relation to money. 

Recent case law has had a major effect on these agreements.  We can advise you whether this would be in your best interest. 

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